Sun Collection

Sun Collection

The Sun collection has been created as: 

  • The sight of the sun rising or setting in the far horizon is a powerful reminder of the beauty and majesty of nature. 
  • It reminds us that every day is a new day - filled with promises and hope.  
  • The act of watching a sunrise / sunset is often a solitary or quiet moment. It offers a chance for introspection and reflection. 

It is hoped that the Sun collection will be a moment that can inspire and uplift you and remind you of the simple, yet profound, wonders of our human existence.

This breathtaking image was captured at the Great Wall of China. The ancient stones of the Great Wall, bathed in the soft, golden hues of the sun, created a mesmerising play of light and shadow that transcends time. The radiant colours, coupled with the iconic silhouette of the wall, evoked a sense of awe and wonder. Witnessing the sun's ascent against this iconic backdrop brings a feeling of connection to history, nature, and the sheer beauty of the world. The harmony of the moment, where the ancient and the timeless unite under the morning sun, instils a deep and abiding joy in those fortunate enough to behold this breathtaking spectacle.  

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